Agricultural Product Blockchain And Agricultural Brain

The DAO Of The Future Society

With Blockchain,AI, Big Data And Cloud Computing,UnionChain is Managed, Owned And Used By Community.

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Unionchain Is The Most Advanced Blockchain Application Platform In The World

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Unionchain Is The Most Advanced Blockchain Application Platform In The World

Food Safty

Food safety is a global concern. By using digital IDs, trusted data and digital voucher,unionchain digitalizes every unit in the lifesycle. by introducing IoT sensors and punishing fraudulent nodes,consumers and producers can monitor and track the food end to end.


Organization structure of UnionChain and the economic model that UnionChain employs will change the production relationship and reward all stakeholders according to labor by a benefit circulation and benefit reflection mechanism. This lowers the transaction cost,breaks down section barriers, improves transaction structure and redefines the make-buy economic model, thus improving the autonomous governance of the organization and improving industry efficiency.

Supplychain Finance

UnionChain upgrades bank credit to business trust, which serves through the purchase, production, inventory and sales section and provides related investments. Through standardization and decentralization, the assets are divisible, transferrable and tradable with high liquidity and asset authentication. The four   streams of    logistics, business, information and capital are thus integrated.

Consumption Finance

UnionChain is able to reach a good decision by building a risk management model on trusted data with sufficient data verification and logical inference. The decision is made by the autonomous smart contract without any third-party permission. users can purchase different data contracts according to his/her digital asset credibility for individualized consumption finance products.

Scalable, Flexible,Reliable, Intelligent

Scalable, Flexible,Reliable, Intelligent


Massive applications/a large mesh network/Millions of end consumers support.


Upgrade software/algorithm/applications flexibly.


Software and hardware are highly reliable and safe from large scale attacks with the ability of quick bug fixes.


Agricultural brain combines blockchain, cloud computing, big data and AI together and gain the benifit from them.

Whitepaper:Dedicated Solutions For Agriculture

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Economic Model

Unionchain Redefines The Concept Of Economies With Three Pillars:

  • Liquidity Value Should Depend On Real Economy (=Network) Growth.

  • Activity Should Be Rewarded.

  • DAO Decreases Agent Cost.


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